How to Calibrate a Biochemical Incubator

Biochemical incubator refers to a temperature-controllable box device mainly used for cultivating microorganisms, plants and animal cells. It is used by scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, production units or department laboratories in biology, genetic engineering, medicine, health and disease prevention, environmental protection, agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry and other industries as an important test equipment.

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Biochemistry incubator is a high-precision constant temperature device with hot and cold control. It needs to be calibrated when performing culture experiments or tests.

1. Customized calibration by the institute of metrology

Put a special instrument in the incubator for about 4 hours, and it will automatically record the temperature at set intervals and compare it with the set temperature of the incubator as the basis for the calibration results.

2. Internal calibration of the laboratory

Common laboratory practice: purchase a calibrated thermometer, place it in the incubator, compare it with the temperature set in the incubator once a day and record it.

3. There are requirements for the placement of the biochemical incubator: the equipment must be installed in a ventilated and dry room away from direct sunlight. There must be a distance of more than 10CM between the equipment and the wall.

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The laboratory biochemical incubator has a refrigeration and heating two-way temperature adjustment system. The environment and temperature control inside the biochemical incubator are crucial to the success of the culture experiment. Operating specifications should be strictly followed when using it.

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