Biochemical Incubators and Constant Temperature Incubators Difference

The incubator has a two-way temperature control system for cooling and heating with  the function of temperature control. It is an indispensable laboratory equipment for plant, biology, microbe, genetics, virus, medicine, environmental protection and other scientific research, teaching and research, and education departments, which is widely used in low temperature and constant temperature test, cultivation test, environmental test, etc. Biochemical incubators and constant temperature incubators are the two most commonly used. They are both incubators. What are their differences?
I. Different product features
(I) Product features of biochemical incubators
The biochemical incubator is suitable for scientific research, universities and production departments such as environmental protection, sanitation and epidemic prevention, drug inspection, agriculture and livestock, and aquatic products. It is a special constant temperature equipment for water body analysis and BOD determination, cultivation and preservation of bacteria, molds and microorganisms, plant cultivation and breeding experiments.
1. Digital microcomputer temperature controller with timing function keys can achieve  accurate and reliable temperature control;
2. Mirror surface stainless steel liner, semi-circular arc shape four corners are easy to clean, and the shelf spacing in the box is adjustable;
3. The glass observation window is adopted for easy and clear observation;
4. It is equipped with an independent temperature limit alarm system, which will automatically interrupt when the temperature exceeds the limit to ensure the safe operation of the experiment and no accidents.
(II) Product features of constant temperature incubators
The constant temperature incubator (electric constant temperature incubator) is suitable for scientific research and industrial production departments such as medical and health, pharmaceutical industry, biochemistry and agricultural science for bacterial cultivation, fermentation and constant temperature testing.
1. The shell is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface uses electrostatic spraying technology.
2. The working room is made of stainless steel plate or high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, and is treated with rust and corrosion protection.
3. Optional pointer type temperature controller or microcomputer intelligent temperature controller. The intelligent temperature controller adopts PID control program, large-screen digital display, light-touch operation buttons, and the function of over-temperature alarm.
4. There is a double-layer tempered glass observation window in the middle of the door, which is convenient for directly observing the changes of the culture.
5. Magnetic tape seal, convenient opening and closing, and good sealing.
II. Different temperature control accuracy
1. The biochemical incubator is mainly used for the incubation of biochemical reactions, so their doors are mainly composed of glass, which is used to incubate the reaction at a specific temperature. The operator can observe the changes of the reaction outside without destroying the reaction conditions. It can also be used for the cultivation of bacterial molds and control bacteria.
2. The constant temperature incubator is mainly used for cultivating and controlling bacteria. As the name suggests, it has good airtightness, and the temperature and humidity are both controllable and constant, but it is not easy to observe outside.