Tips for Using Vacuum Drying Oven

Vacuum drying oven is a typical drying device, and the inside is divided into several layers by heating plates. It is specially designed for drying heat-sensitive, easily decomposed and easily oxidized substances, which can maintain a certain vacuum in the working chamber and whose interior can be filled with inert gas during work. Especially some items with complex composition can also be quickly dried.
Vacuum drying oven is widely used in biochemistry, chemical and pharmaceutical, medical care and public health, agriculture and scientific research, environmental protection and other fields, for powder drying, baking, and disinfection and sterilization of various glass containers.
The following are tips for using vacuum drying oven:
I. The vacuum pump cannot work for a long time. Therefore, when the vacuum degree reaches the requirement for drying goods, close the vacuum valve first, and then turn off the vacuum pump power supply. When the vacuum degree is less than the requirement for drying goods, open the vacuum valve and turn on the vacuum pump power supply to continue vacuuming. In this way, it helps to extend the service life of the vacuum pump.
II. If vacuum drying oven is not used for a long time, wipe the exposed electroplated parts and apply neutral grease to prevent corrosion, and put a plastic film dust cover on it, and place it in a dry room to prevent electrical components from being damaged due to  moisture and affecting use .
III. If the items to be dried are wet, it is better to add a filter between vacuum drying oven  and vacuum pump to prevent wet gas from entering the vacuum pump and causing vacuum pump failure.
IV. If the items are changed into light weight and small size (small particles) after dried, the vacuum port in the working chamber should be added with a barrier net to prevent the vacuum pump (or solenoid valve) from being damaged by the inhalation of the dry matter.
V. After vacuum drying oven has been used for many times, if there is a phenomenon that it cannot be vacuumed, the sealing strip should be replaced at this time. When the drying temperature of the vacuum oven is higher than 200°C, if slow air leakage occurs, disassemble the back cover of the box and use an Allen wrench to loosen the heater base, change the sealing ring or tighten the heater base to solve the problem.
VI. If the rubber plug of the air release valve is difficult to rotate, it can be lubricated with a proper amount of grease inside.
VII. Except for maintenance, the left side box cover cannot be removed to avoid damage to the electrical control system.
VIII. Vacuum drying oven should always be kept clean. Do not wipe the glass of the door with a reactive chemical solution, and it should be wiped with a soft cotton cloth.