How to distinguish medicine stability test chamber and constant temperature and humidity chamber

There are many types of environmental test chambers, which can be divided into many types of test chambers according to their purpose and professional characteristics. So how to distinguish between medicine stability test chambers and constant temperature and humidity chambers?

simulation medicine stability chamber 

The constant temperature and humidity chamber is an equipment mainly used to test the performance of materials in various environments and test the resistance to high temperature, cold, dryness and humidity of various materials. It is suitable for quality testing of plastic products, metals, food, medical, aerospace, instruments, vehicles and other products. It can be widely used in sterility testing of medicines and food processing, stability inspection, and testing of raw material performance, product performance, and product life of industrial products.

pharmaceutical stability chamber 

The medicine stability testing chamber is an instrument used to measure the long-term stable temperature, humidity environment and light environment required for medicine failure evaluation. It is suitable for pharmaceutical companies to conduct accelerated testing, long-term testing, high temperature testing and strong light irradiation testing of medicine and new medicine, as an option for pharmaceutical companies to conduct medicine stability testing.