Factors affecting the service life of light incubator

The light incubator is a high-precision refrigeration and heating constant-temperature equipment with functions of constant temperature, light and automatic adjustment of temperature and light intensity. It is widely used in research and application fields such as biopharmaceuticals, agriculture, forestry, environmental science, animal husbandry, and aquaculture.

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Factors affecting the service life of light chamber:

1. Do not frequently change the setting value during use to avoid overloading due to frequent startup of the compressor and affecting the service life of the equipment.

2. Opening and closing the equipment box door, inner glass door, and light box doors on both sides by gravity can easily cause damage to the door hinges, glass doors, and light tubes.

3. It should be placed on a hard and solid surface and ensure that it is level.

4. It must be kept about 20cm away from the wall and objects.

5. Do not place the equipment near heating devices such as stoves or in direct sunlight.

6. The environment where the equipment is placed should be ventilated. Ventilation devices must be installed in environments where ventilation is not good and the area is less than four square meters.

7. The equipment has cooling and humidifying functions. If it is out of service, it must be heated to drive away moisture.

8. To ensure the humidification effect, it is recommended that the humidification water tank, the humidification water tank at the bottom of the liner, and the humidification electric heating tube should be cleaned every 6 months.

9. In order to ensure uniform temperature inside the incubator, regularly check whether the circulation fan in the incubator is operating normally. During the experiment, items should not be placed too densely and do not block the air outlet of the fan to facilitate air circulation inside.

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10. To ensure the cooling effect, it is recommended that the refrigeration condenser should be cleaned of dust on the condenser heat sink every 12 months.

11. The surface of lighting incuabtor must not come into contact with volatile chemicals such as gasoline and banana water.

12. Do not open the incubator door frequently at will, otherwise it will affect the lighting and constant temperature effects.

13. Keep the inside and outside clean, disinfect and sterilize regularly, and remove debris and stains.