How to use a mildew incubator correctly

Mold incubator is a type of incubator, which is mainly used to cultivate organisms and plants. The corresponding temperature and humidity are set in a closed space so that mold can grow out in about 4-6 hours. It is used to artificially accelerate the propagation of mold.

 biochemical mold incubator

Precautions for using lab mildew incubator:

1. When operating a mold incubator, be sure to wear a lab coat, masks, gloves and other protective gear;

2. During operation, make sure that the temperature, humidity and oxygen concentration in the incubator meet the requirements, and that the air is clean;

3. After the operation, clean the incubator in time and disinfect the bacteria in the incubator;

4. After the operation, promptly remove masks, gloves and other protective gear, and put power cord, plug, electrical appliances, etc. back to their original places.

5. When operating the mold incubator, pay attention to the cleanliness of the laboratory to avoid bacterial contamination;

6. When operating, pay attention to the operation of the control tube to avoid accidents;

7. Regularly check the electrical safety of the incubator to avoid danger.

digital mold incubator 

Mould incubators are commonly used instruments and equipment in biological experiments. They have hot and cold control functions and can perform high-precision constant temperature settings, which are generally used in research and application fields such as medical and health care, biopharmaceuticals, agricultural scientific research, and environmental protection.