Precautions for using anaerobic incubator

Anaerobic incubator is also called anaerobic workstation or anaerobic glove box. It is a special device for bacterial culture and operation under anaerobic environmental conditions, which can provide strict anaerobic constant temperature culture conditions and a systematic and scientific work area.

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Precautions for using anaerobic workstation

1. The instrument should be installed in a place with clean air and small temperature changes as much as possible;

2. Before starting the machine, you should be fully familiar with and understand the instructions for use of each supporting equipment and instrument, and know the correct use method;

3. The culture must be put in after the operating room reaches an anaerobic environment;

4. In the event of a failure (gas outage, etc.), the anaerobic state can still be maintained in the operating room for 10 hours (if more than 10 hours, the culture will be taken out and processed separately as needed);

5. Regularly check whether there is air leakage in the air path;

6. When replacing the gas cylinder, be sure to tie the air pipe tightly to avoid the inflow of oxygen-containing gas;

7. Use the vacuum pump as required and check and refuel regularly.

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Laboratory anaerobic incubator is a special device that can culture and operate bacteria in an oxygen-free environment. It can cultivate anaerobic organisms that are the most difficult to grow, and can also avoid the risk of anaerobic organisms dying from exposure to oxygen when operating in the atmosphere, which is an ideal tool for anaerobic biological detection and scientific research.