How to maintain artificial climate incubator

The artificial climate incubator is a high-precision hot and cold constant temperature equipment with lighting and humidification functions, providing users with an ideal artificial climate experimental environment. It is an ideal test equipment for production and scientific research departments of biogenetic engineering, medicine, agriculture, forestry, environmental science, animal husbandry, and aquatic products.

thermostatic artificial climate box 

Maintenance rules for artificial climate chamber:

1. Clean water (distilled or purified water) below 40°C should be used. Hard or dirty water such as tap water must not be used for long-term use.

2. Whenever the water tank is detached from the base, the water on the base must be poured out, otherwise it will cause no steam production.

3. The water tank filling cover and spring valve (water outlet) must not leak to avoid damaging the electrical appliances in the base or causing no steam production.

4. The ambient temperature should be between 14-15°C.

5. It should be placed horizontally on the ground, and the plastic hose must not be flattened or drooped.

6. Cleaning is required after use for a period of time, but do not scratch the transducer with hard objects.

7. Wash and dry it before storage.

8. There is high voltage inside. Non-professionals are not allowed to open the devices in the base at will.

 plant growth climate incubator

The artificial climate box consists of a box body, a temperature control system, a heating and cooling system, a lighting system, and a circulating air duct. The application of artificial climate boxes is becoming more and more popular, and the maintenance of the equipment has become a very important task. Correct maintenance can improve the efficiency and service life of the instrument.