Tips for the use of biochemical incubator

Biochemical incubator is mainly used in scientific research and production departments of industries such as environmental protection, medical treatment, drug inspection, health and epidemic prevention, agriculture and livestock, and aquatic products. The following aspects should be paid attention to when using it.

biochemical incubator 

1. Laboratory biochemical incubator should be installed in a place with small changes in temperature and humidity, and should be properly grounded.

2. It is forbidden to put volatile chemical solvents, explosive gases and flammable gases in the incubator. Do not use flammable sprays near the incubator to avoid spark ignition.

3. Regularly check the gas path for air leakage.

4. Precision biochemical incubator has a power-off protection function, so please restart the compressor in about one and a half minutes after it stops to better protect the compressor.

constant temperature incubator 

5. The distance between the condenser and the wall of thermostatic biochemical incubator should be greater than 100mm to ensure good heat dissipation.

6. Try to avoid collision and shaking during handling, repair and maintenance, and the maximum inclination should be less than 45 degrees.

7. The inside and outside of the incubator should be kept clean every day, and should be cleaned after each use. Do not wipe the surface with acid, alkali or other corrosive solution.

8. Biochemical incubator should not be used in abnormal environments such as high voltage, high current, strong magnetic field, etc..

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