How to choose vertical or desktop blast drying oven

The blast drying oven, as an indispensable high temperature and constant temperature equipment used in various industries, can be used for baking, melting, color fixing, constant temperature, sterilization, softening, drying, etc., and has a wide range of applications.

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There are usually two types of electric blast drying ovens, desktop blast drying oven and vertical blast drying oven. When choosing a oven, many users are more entangled and do not know how to select it. Generally speaking, if there is no site size limitation, we recommend a desktop type for small blast drying oven. The advantage of a small desktop blast drying oven is that it is more convenient to operate and can also be placed on a table.

blast drying oven 

If it is more than 420, a vertical blast drying oven is usually recommended, which takes relatively small space. The controller is located at the top for more convenient operation. If there are special size or restriction requirements, users can also make non-standard customization according to their own requirements.

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Drying oven has been widely used in chemical, electronic communications, plastics, cables,hardware, automobiles, rubber products, molds, printing, medical, aerospace and universities etc.. Only by choosing the right drying oven can it be fully effective.

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