How CO2 incubators control contamination

Carbon dioxide incubator may produce some contamination, which is a major factor in cell culture failure. Therefore, developers have configured many different devices during the design of CO2 incubators to reduce and prevent contamination. The main method is to do everything possible to reduce the areas and surfaces where microorganisms can grow, and to combine with automatic decontamination devices to effectively prevent contamination.

CO2 cell incubator 

Lab Co2 incubator with UV disinfection function is developed and designed, and the high-efficiency HEPA filter is adopted to filter the air in the incubator, which can filter and remove 99.97% of particles larger than 3um. In addition, the automatic high temperature hot air sterilization device can bring the temperature inside the incubator to a high temperature to kill all contaminating microorganisms, including spores and other high temperature resistant microorganisms. These devices are very important safety guarantees for cell culture.

CO2 incubator 

At the same time, the environment in which the CO2 cell incubator is installed is also critical. It should be installed in a place with clean air, small temperature difference and no direct sunlight, and there should be no strong electromagnetic fields or radiant energy around.

lab CO2 incubator