Types of lab hot air oven

The lab hot air oven is safe and convenient to use, and the temperature inside is uniform, which is conducive to the accelerated dissipation of the water vapor evaporated from the items in the oven to the outside, so as to improve the drying efficiency.

hot air drying oven 

Vertical blast drying oven

It adopts a cuboid floor-standing structure, and is generally placed directly on the ground of the laboratory. The test instrument is generally on the top of the drying oven, easy to operate. The vertical blast drying oven has large power and structure, and is applicable to various products or materials and electrical, instruments, meters, components, electronics, electricians and automobiles, aviation, communications, plastics, machinery, chemicals, food, chemicals, hardware tools for drying and various constant temperature adaptability test under constant temperature conditions.

lab blast drying oven 

Desktop hot air circulation drying oven

It uses horizontal box structure, and the instrument is on the right side, small and convenient for test movement. It is used for drying, baking, wax melting, disinfection and sterilization of non-flammable, explosive and non-volatile items in industrial and mining enterprises, colleges and universities, biopharmaceuticals, food processing, scientific research, medical units and various laboratories.

lab hot air oven 

The table type electric hot air drying oven adopts a hot air circulation system, and the temperature in the working room is uniform. It is widely used in the drying of glassware, the thermal denaturation, thermal hardness, thermal softening, and moisture removal of experimental samples, food, and chemical substances, dry heat sterilization of utensils in bioengineering, drying and aging of electronic components.