Selection of Medicine Stability Testing Chamber

The medicine stability testing chamber is suitable for the stability test and verification of medicine and new medicine by pharmaceutical companies and medicine scientific research units. The medicine stability testing chamber can clarify the possible degradation ways of medicine, preliminarily determine medicine packaging, storage conditions and accelerated test conditions through medicine stability tests, at the same time, verify the rationality of prescriptions and the feasibility of analytical methods. It can also be used to clarify the degradation of the medicine under deviating normal storage conditions based on accelerated test to determine the conditions for the long-term sample retention test. In addition, it can be used to confirm the results of influencing factor tests and accelerated tests to clarify the changes in medicine stability and determine the validity period of medicine through long-term stability tests.
Key points for purchasing medicine stability testing chamber:
1. Determine the range of industries that the drug stability test chamber is used in, which generally includes four industries, namely raw material pharmaceutical factories, finished pharmaceutical factories, cosmetics and traditional Chinese medicine.
2. Determine the purpose of the drug stability test chamber, which is generally divided into new drug research and development, drug retention, low temperature test, and influencing factors.
3. Determine the temperature range of the drug stability test chamber, which is usually between 0 and 65 degrees on the market.
4. Determine the humidity range of the drug stability test chamber, which is usually 40~95%RH on the market.
5. Determine the illuminance range of the drug stability test chamber, which is usually 4500LX-0~6000LX on the market.
6. Determine the number or weight of the test items in the drug stability test chamber, which means to see whether the load-bearing range of the manufacturer's stability test chamber shelf can reach a large amount.
7. Determine the size of the test site for the drug stability test chamber, and record the location, size and environment of the site where the chamber will be used.
8. Determine the volume of the drug stability test chamber, and the main specifications on the market now are 80L/150L, 250L/500L, 1000L or customized.
The medicine stability testing chamber plays a very important role in medicine stability testing. It is widely used in scientific research places such as pharmaceutical enterprises, hospitals, laboratories, etc., and greatly improves our pharmaceutical safety and pharmaceutical stability, which is the best choice for companies to conduct medicine  stability tests.