IL-196CI Co2 Incubator

IL-196CI Co2 Incubator

IL-196CI Co2 incubator 1. Gas sensor High precise gas sensor is applied. Automatic start function is provided. It can set to zero during the initial installation or restart. TC sensor is not required to be removed in high temperature moist....

IL-196CI Co2 incubator

1. Gas sensor   High precise gas sensor is applied. Automatic start function is provided. It can set to zero during the initial installation or restart. TC sensor is not required to be removed in high temperature moist heat sterilization. The sensor is suitable for the situation when temperature and humidity are stable. VAISALA twin beam infrared (IR) sensor is recommended for the situation when temperature and humidity are changed frequently.
2. Inner bag fillet   It applies high quality electrolytic polishing stainless surface and smooth fillet inner wall to reduce unnecessary internal surface area, bacteria contamination and for the quick and effective cleaning of inner wall.
3. Moist heat sterilization    90℃ high temperature moist heat sterilization can effectively remove bacteria, mildew, epiphyte spore and mycoplasma. The sterilization will not require the removal of sensor and fan, etc., which may eliminate the uncertainty during the sterilization.
4. RS232 interface It is a special interface for PC. One software CD (suitable for simplified Chinese WINDOWS2000 or simplified Chinese WINDOWS XP operating system) is attached. Test data is directly displayed and printed with special PC software.
5. Airduct structure    It applies circular airflow design concept and forced convection simulated air circulation principle to guarantee high even and stable CO2 density of inner bag.
6. Internal glass door   Smooth transparent glass is applied for the observation of real objects; the four corners apply arc design; reliable door closer design is favorable for guaranteeing the tightness of carbon dioxide and the condition of cell culture.
Application scope: Applicable for the research of life science, immunology, genetics, clinical medicine, agricultural science, pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, toxicology, basic biology and clinical medicine.
◆ To sterilize the internal part with 90℃ high temperature and high humidity.
◆ Apply the most advanced fuzzy logistic PID control and menu operating interface; apply PT1000 temperature sensor with control accuracy being 0.1℃; the temperature control accurate and true.
◆ Automatic start function is provided. It can set to zero during the initial installation or restart, in order to make sure CO2 density does not drift positively and negatively and CO2 density is more accurate and stable after automatic adjustment.
◆ The special HEPA high effective filter, with the filtering efficiency of 99.97%for granule with the diameter larger than 0.3um, can effectively filter the bacteria and dust. The air quality can restore to grade 100 after the door is closed for 5 minutes.
◆ Arc on four sides and full arc internal structure are treated with electrolytic polishing, which can reduce bacteria contamination area and makes the cleaning and sterilization simple.
◆Pressure compensation hole is provided to avoid the abnormal pressure in the process of air intake and prevent the absorption of ambient air when opening the door.
◆ All-around spatial heating method and unique airduct structure are applied to make sure CO2 density and temperature evenness.
◆ The glass door can be heated to prevent the production of condensed water inside. The micro-computer controlled chassis heater is independent from door heater and heaters on two sides, which can start automatically to restore the humidity to the range of 93%-98%, and thus to guarantee the culture environment.
◆Intelligent alarm, temperature deviation alarm and CO2 density deviation alarm functions etc. are provided.
◆ An over temperature protection system is provided to guarantee the safety of product. The standard configuration of creepage protector makes the product and safety performance more humanized.

Product type Air jacketed  CO2 incubator
Model IL-161CT IL-161CI IL-196CT IL-196CI
Effective volume 161 L 195 L
Temperature control scope Room temperature +5--55℃
Temperature sensor PT1000
Temperature control accuracy ±0.1℃
Temperature control alarm ≧±0.1℃(adjustable)
CO2 control scope 0--20%
CO2 control accuracy 5%,±0.1%
CO2 sensor TCD IR TCD IR
CO2 alarm ≧±0.1%(adjustable)
CO2 filter efficiency 99.998%
CO2 recovery time of open About 1%/min
Internal wetting water pond 3 L
Relative humidity 95±3%
Overall dimension 677*740*1056(W*D*H) 697*760*1236(W*D*H)
Inner dimension 480*480*700(W*D*H) 500*500*780(W*D*H)
Inner structure Arc on four sides Arc on four sides
Stainless clapboard 4
■Performance parameter test under empty load: Ambient temperature of 20℃, ambient humidity of 50%RH.
■The change of product appearance and parameter will not be notified additionally. Product appearance may deviate due to shooting and printing reasons.

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